Abstracts submissions are closed for LAMG 2021

The deadline for general submission is September 30, 2021.

  • Abstracts should be in Word document format

  • Abstract body should be a maximum of 300 words in a single paragraph.

  • Abstracts must contain a study title and list of authors and affiliations 

  • Abstracts must be well written and easy to understand, and contain the following sections, with each introduced in bold: Background, Methods, Results, and Discussion.

  • Approval of all co-authors must be obtained before placing their names on an abstract.

  • The reason for the study or how the study came about (e.g. hypothesis, discovery or central question) should be clearly stated, but do not provide extensive background information.

  • Highlight the importance of the findings.

  • A presenter may be a presenter on more than one abstract.


Posters should be 36" by 48" (boards can be rotated to portrait or landscape). Please submit an abstract for all posters and oral presentations.